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Get the Facts about Recovery Inn

When getting treatment from an orthopedic specialist, Fox Valley patients from Green Bay to Oshkosh might require it on a more long-term basis. In many cases, this means spending time in a nursing facility where your comfort and privacy are limited. However, with the Recovery Inn, you can work on getting better in a place that feels more like a hotel. Recovery Inn has a completely different feel than any other recovery facility in the area. Here, you can get your physical therapy and other care needs in the facility and you never have to be concerned with the inconvenience of visits to multiple sites. Everything you need is just steps away. Before you opt to choose this type of program, the first step is learning the basics.

Ensure Comfort and Relaxation with the Right Amenities

The Recovery Inn is famous for providing an environment that is enhances healing. It is well established that being comfortable makes it much easier for a person to recover from illness and injury. Your suite at the facility is a private one, so you do not have to worry about having to share a room and give up any of your privacy. Of course, this also means that your bathroom is a private one.

You will have a comfortable bed, large television and access to Netflix. This makes it easier to watch your favorite shows and movies for some much needed entertainment while you are working to get better.

Head down to The Corner Café, also steps from your room, to grab a quick bite to eat and talk to the other patients at the facility. Being able to socialize is critical for being as healthy as possible. The foods are those that you would find at most cafes, so you do not have to do without what you enjoy most. Or, if you prefer, have your meal delivered right to your room.

A Care Plan That Is Thorough and Complete

When you are recovering from surgery, an illness, or an injury, it is common to need multiple treatment types and options. When you are at the Recovery Inn, you have access to all of the elements of your care plan in one place. This makes it easier for you to get the treatment that you need to fully recover from what is ailing you. You also have easy access to medical staff if you have questions during your recovery.

You can surely see why patients have good things to say about this facility.

The Recovery Inn is located on the campus of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute in Appleton (OSI). It was the first orthopedics-only recovery facility in the nation attached to a surgery center. At OSI, you can have your surgery and rehab without leaving the building. Physical and occupational therapy take place steps from your room, and the onsite restaurant, The Corner Café, caters to your culinary wishes.

For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Recovery Inn Executive Director Shaena Van Handel at 920-560-1066