Where to Get Help With a Knee Problem

Pain in the knee is a common problem and frustrating to the affected persons. When one gets little or no exercise, it is possible that they can suffer from joint pains. Frequent runs and physical engagement of the body make the muscles to relax and less constrained so that crumbling of the muscles is not possible. Physical exercise can save people from seeing a knee specialist.

Discover the Recovery Inn at OSI

Recovery is an important process after a surgical treatment. In some instances, the process can take place in phases. During a joint replacement recovery, patients need adequate rest, mild physical movements, and excellent food to speed up the buildup of cells in the treated area. This sometimes may not take place well at home because even at that time, the patient is supposed to be under the watch of a qualified doctor.

The Recovery Inn

Is Surgery the Ultimate Solution to Knee Problems?

Orthopedists have brought a revolution in the medical world particularly in the treatment of pains and complications in the knees. The specialists do assess the problems, make the necessary diagnostics using X-ray equipment and CT among other techniques such as ultrasounds and MRI, and recommend the right treatment procedures. An orthopedic knee doctor performs the mentioned activities.

Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery

Whether or not they want to put off knee or hip replacement, patients surely need the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon in the Fox Valley. Additionally, they would require a reliable facility that is equipped with the latest technology and equipment in orthopedics.

The Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI) in Appleton has the latest technology in robotic surgery that is taking the industry by storm. In addition to qualified orthopedists, the facility is one of the few centers that offer the Mako robotic assisted surgery in Wisconsin, and the only one in the valley.

Learn About Orthopedics

A licensed orthopedist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal complications. Many patients visit hospitals to get solutions for their conditions relating to the bones, muscles, and joints. The role of experts in orthopedics is therefore to care for patients who may have problems with their bones, body joints, ligaments, or tendons. 

Knee Pain Management Solutions

Nearly everyone has experienced knee pain. At severe levels, the condition could lead to a replacement of the knee bone. If that is the case, the patient could consult a specialist for robotic joint replacement in the Fox Valley, from Green Bay to Oshkosh. All the same, people suffering from the condition could minimize the pain by engaging in physiotherapy and mild physical exercises to improve mobility.


Who are Orthopedic Specialists and What is Their Role?

Medical science is quite a broad discipline with a trail of branches. Orthopedics is just one of the many branches. However, it precisely deals with musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, and diseases. The musculoskeletal system is simply the parts of the body relating to muscles and the human skeleton. It is, by larger extension, the joints of the body, the ligaments, tendons, and the nervous system. Patients from Appleton, Green Bay, and the Fox Valley suffering from orthopedic conditions can opt for a number of treatments, including Mako robotic surgery.

What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

There are thousands of surgeries every year to replace various body parts and hip replacement is extremely common. Hip replacement for Fox Valley residents can be a very invasive and painful surgery. There are different types of surgeries available — the difference is where the surgeon enters the body. For example, the surgeon can enter from the front of the leg, the patient’s back, or even on the side of the body — and some options are more much invasive and painful than another. For patients who must receive these surgeries, it can be a long road to recovery.