Preparing a Home for Knee or Hip Replacement

For those who can, setting the home up for the recovery process prior to have surgery is crucial. There are things to be done ahead of time to ensure everything is set up for success. 

Think “Easy”

When arranging the house for returning post-surgery, think of what you can do to simplify things. Ideally, you should try to limit the use of the stairs to once per day. To this end, it’s a good idea to move everything you need to be using on a day-to-day basis to the first floor, and perhaps even make a temporary bedroom downstairs. 

Keeping Knees Pain-Free

The cartilage cushioning of joints can wear off as time passes, a condition which is known as osteoarthritis. If this happens, bones start hurting since they are essentially rubbing against each other. The problem with cartilage is that it cannot grow back. The good news, however, is that there are things you can do to take care of your knees in Green Bay.

Lose Weight

All About Hip Replacements

With many who suffer from hip pain, the battle can be a war of attrition. Eventually, after dealing with sustained or ever-increasing levels of pain, people finally make the decision to see an orthopedic specialist and one of the offered solutions might be total hip replacement. If this situation rings a bell for you, gaining a better understanding of this process may make it easier to take steps to get back to the life you want to live.

Pain Causes

A Quick Look at Anterior Hip Replacement

Patients who require hip replacement now have another option with the anterior method. 

This surgery is known as one of the most valued developments in the world of orthopedics. This surgery aids in relieving pain and restoring functions to patients who have suffered from diseases like arthritis or who have experienced severe trauma. Undergoing this operation allows them to return to their usual day to day activities and a life of minimal to virtually no pain.

How You can Improve Your Joints Through Food and Diet

For individuals in the early stage of joint degeneration or showing early signs of pain and symptoms, making changes to your diet to reduce your need to visit an orthopedic surgeon is a great place to start when it comes to taking control of your own health. Not only will these changes reduce your pain and discomfort, but you will also see other benefits such as improved energy, better concentration, and better self confidence. Try these things to get you started:

Consume Anti-Inflammatory Food

3 Myths About Orthopedic Surgery

If you have had a friend or relative undergo a joint replacement, you may be familiar with the procedure and how it works. For others though, who are less familiar, you may instead be privy to a few myths and misinformation in regards to what happens, how it works, and who it is for. Let’s bust these myths!

Myth 1: Only Elderly People Need the Surgery