Important Ways to Protect Your Knees from Injury

When it comes to an orthopedic knee doctor, Fox Valley residents need to know when it is time to see one. Since knee injuries are common, it is important to know how to best prevent the injuries from happening. Knowing how to protect your knees is critical so that you can avoid potentially debilitating injuries.

Balance Out Your Cardiovascular Exercise

Is a Robotic Joint Replacement Right for You?

When it comes to robotic joint replacements, Fox Valley residents want to know what to expect so that they can decide if this is the right procedure for them. There is some information that is pertinent that your doctor will discuss with you. Having the basic knowledge in advance will help you to make your decision.

Robotic-Assisted Partial Knee Resurfacing

Learn More About Recovery Inn

When it comes to choosing an orthopedic specialist, Fox Valley residents want to ensure that they choose the right place that will attend to all of their needs. The Recovery Inn on the campus of the Orthopedic & Sports Institute (OSI) provides unique and comprehensive care for each patient to ensure a healing and comfortable environment. Learning more about this program will help you to determine if it is ideal for you.

What is the Recovery Inn?

Common Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend a Knee Replacement

When it comes to a knee replacement, doctors in the Fox Valley, from Green Bay to Oshkosh, might recommend this surgical procedure for a number of reasons. Better understanding these reasons will help you to determine if getting a knee replacement is the right option for you.

Most Common Reasons for a Knee Replacement

2018 Post-Crescent Best of the Valley Readers’ Choice Awards

Thank you to our friends, neighbors, patients, and the communities we serve for recognizing the Orthopedic & Sports Institute in the 2018 Post-Crescent Best of the Valley Readers’ Choice Awards:

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Top 4 Causes of Knee Pain in Active Adults

When it comes to seeing a doctor for knee pain, Fox Valley residents do not want to hesitate. As soon as symptoms start, you want to make an appointment since many issues will get worse without treatment. Once you have an accurate diagnosis, you can work with your doctor to get on the mend.

How Knee Pain Can Manifest

Learn about Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip pain can be a serious menace to one’s life if not managed well. People suffering from the condition cannot engage in the activities they love to do in their daily lives. The situation, however, should not be a problem since medical procedures have successfully managed to bring it under control. It is managed through replacing the damaged part of the body joints through a medical process. Anterior hip replacement is one of the most important medical procedures observed by orthopedics in the region. 

Hip replacement—What Is It?

Knee Complications and Care

Knee complications are a menace to many people. The problems are often caused by different factors depending on the activities of the affected individual. One noticeable symptom for the condition is when one begins to feel either mild or acute pain in the joints, which may require the attention of specialists for knee care in Appleton, Green Bay, and the Fox Cities.

What Could Cause the Pain?