What You Need to Know About a Hip Procedure

Undergoing treatment for a hip injury or pain is often traumatic for individuals and can render you immobile for a few days to a few weeks, depending on what the procedure was. When you undergo this with an orthopedic hip specialist however, you can rest assured that you will be offered optimal care, with the best treatment options available and the best recovery and follow ups. Here is what you need to know:

Before the Surgery

How do I Know if I Have Joint Problems?

When it comes to addressing problems associated with the hips, knees, and other joints, it is possible for any one of us to suffer and need the additional attention. Many people suffer in silence because they do not realize there may be a treatable underlying issue. In many cases though, understanding these problems and how they present is the first part of helping eliminate them. Here are some common problems and what you can expect from each: 


What Is a Spine Specialist?

Whether having a long-term condition or seeking something like robotic joint replacements, Fox Valley residents might benefit from a spine specialist. A spine specialist is who you want to see if you are having problems and health issues that are stemming from your spinal cord. However, there are many different doctors who can specialize in different issues that are related to the spine. You want to know which doctor to target so that your problems can be quickly diagnosed, and a treatment plan can get started.

Learn More about Back and Joint Pain Based on Your Sleeping Position

When you wake up with back or joint pain you probably think your mattress is to blame. While a bad mattress should be replaced, your sleeping position could have a lot more to do with your morning pain. Certain positions place strain on the bones and muscles and when this strain is present for the entire time you are sleeping, it is almost certain that you will wake up stiff and in pain. With a hip specialist, Fox Valley patients can learn more about how their sleep might impact their muscles and joints. 

You Are a Side Sleeper

Learning More About Cartilage Damage

When it comes to robotic joint replacements, Fox Valley residents from Green Bay to Oshkosh might require this procedure for a number of reasons. Learning more about cartilage damage is a good place to start. There are times when cartilage damage is so significant that replacing the joint is necessary to help restore function and range of motion. 

What Are the Primary Functions of Cartilage?

Cartilage plays a major role in many areas of your body. When looking specifically at your joints and surrounding structures, cartilage works to:

Important Information About Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition and it can sideline you due to the pain that it can cause. If you are having foot pain, this is a condition you want to look into; knowing more about it will help you to get a prompt diagnosis if it is what is causing your symptoms.

Exploring the Causes and Risk Factors

What Happens When Rheumatoid Arthritis Affects Your Hips

Fox Valley residents might require hip replacement surgery for many reasons. One reason is rheumatoid arthritis. This condition can affect you in a number of ways, but if your hips are affected you want to better understand the effects and how they relate specifically to this joint. Knowing more about the hip-specific symptoms and the treatments can help you to better manage your condition.

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Learn More about Mako-Robotic Assisted Surgery

When it comes to an orthopedic surgeon, Green Bay residents considering robotic-assisted surgery want to ensure that they make the right choice. However, the first step is getting the basics about the Mako Robotic-Assisted Surgery so that you can determine if it is the best choice for you. Your doctor will likely recommend several types of surgery and you will work together to evaluate your condition and come to a conclusion on which is going to be the best.

Advantages That Might Come Along with the Mako Robotic-Assisted Surgery