Anterior Hip Replacement at OSI

by Scott Hutchinson
September 10, 2015

Total anterior hip replacement surgery is a unique and innovative option for hip pain sufferers. This minimally invasive procedure is one of the most important surgical advances in hip pain management. While conventional hip surgery utilizes a posterior (back) or lateral (side) approach, the anterior procedure begins with an incision at the front of the hip. Doing this allows the surgeon to have access to the hip socket without having to cut through major muscle groups.

Patients who have undergone anterior hip surgery report a faster recovery time. It is typical to see a 2-3 day reduction in recovery stays, but the results are even more significant once the patient has returned home. Reduced post-operative pain is another benefit. Because of a smaller incision and leaving the major hip muscles intact, there is less pain. The procedure also reduces scarring. And since major muscle groups are not disturbed, anterior hip patients are not limited in their movements during the recovery period. Movements such as sitting and bending are often restricted for weeks following conventional surgery. Anterior hip patients are encouraged to use the hip normally following surgery.

Annually 285,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed in the U.S., with most recipients reporting a dramatic drop in pain and greatly improved ability to perform daily tasks. Dr. David Eggert and Dr. Brian Lohrbach perform anterior hip replacement surgery and both offer free informational seminars about the procedure at OSI. To learn more about the benefits of this unique approach, call 920.560.1000  to set up an appointment or request an appointment online.


            Dr. Brian Lohrbach                                                  Dr. David Eggert