International Students Visit OSI

December 06, 2016

OSI's Fred Hauser shares insights with FVTC's international student group.

On November 17, Doug Schacht took his students on a field trip. For Schacht, Entrepreneurship Instructor at Fox Valley Technical College, the trek from FVTC’s Appleton campus to the Orthopedic & Sports Institute is a short one, a little over six miles. For his 13 students, however, their journey to OSI has been a little more involved, since they hail from Tunisia, South Africa, Mexico, and Pakistan. 

Schacht’s class is called International Professional Experience in Business. It is designed to provide international students an opportunity to experience U.S. business across a wide spectrum of industries. As part of their coursework, the students have been touring a variety of American businesses. The two-hour session at OSI allowed an up close and personal look at the delivery of health care.

OSI’s Chief Operating Officer Fred Hauser welcomed the group and introduced them to OSI. Students explored common business practices and their application within American businesses as well as specifics related to OSI’s business model. Hauser shared details about the creation of OSI, the development of service lines, and its history of innovation. Topics of discussion included human resources, social responsibility, and marketing. 

Patti Schaetz, Vice President of NOVO Health, presented marketing practices and strategy, the current focus of Schacht’s class. NOVO Health represents OSI and other independent physician groups who contract directly with businesses and organizations to provide low cost, high quality health services.

Students ended the session with a tour of the OSI campus.