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ROSA Robotic Surgery

Data-driven precision. Personalized surgery procedure.

ROSA Knee, the newest advancement in robotic-assisted surgical technology, is available at OSI’s state-of-the-art surgery center. ROSA brings together robotic technology with industry-leading knee implants to help OSI surgeons personalize surgical procedures for our patients with precise accuracy.

How does it work?

Your OSI surgeon will use a series of X-rays to create a 3D model of your knee anatomy. This 3D model enables your OSI specialist to pre-plan all the specifics of your knee replacement prior to your surgery. During the operation, the surgeon uses the ROSA Knee robotic device to assist in performing the surgery.

ROSA Knee utilizes a camera and optical trackers attached to your leg to know exactly where your knee is in space. If your leg moves even a fraction of an inch, the robot can tell and adjust accordingly. This helps ensure the plan your surgeon put into place is executed as intended. Throughout your surgery, ROSA Knee continually monitors your knee and provides your OSI surgeon with data about your knee. This information, combined with your surgeon’s skill, helps them know how to position your implant based on your unique anatomy.

OSI Orthopedic Surgeons Specializing in ROSA Knee Robotic Assisted Surgery

Dr. Kevin Campbell M.D.

Dr. Brian Lohrbach M.D.


Dr. David Kuplic M.D.

Dr. David Ritzow M.D.


Frequently asked questions

What is ROSA Knee?

ROSA Knee is a robotically-assisted surgical system designed to help your OSI knee surgeon perform total knee replacement surgery.  It includes features to assist with bone resections and assessing the state of soft tissues in order to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively.

How do I set up surgery?

Request an appointment with one of Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley’s ROSA-certified doctors to see if a ROSA Total Knee robotic-assisted surgery is right for you.

Call us today to request an appointment for your consultation at (920) 560-1000.

What are the advantages of the ROSA Knee Robotic-Assisted surgery?

ROSA Knee gives OSI’s specially-trained surgeons advanced technology to personalize the approach to total knee replacement. This robotic technology uses data collected before and during surgery to inform your OSI knee surgeon of details related to your anatomy that may affect implant fit. By using ROSA Knee to control and move surgical instruments, orthopedic surgeons can perform more precise knee replacements.

ROSA Knee also offers a less invasive surgery. More precise knee replacements often result in smaller incisions and less scarring, along with a more natural feeling following surgery. You may also have a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery, allowing you to return to daily routines more quickly. With ROSA Knee, there is also potential for better long-term knee function.

Who should get ROSA Knee surgery?

Total knee replacement is intended for use in individuals with joint disease resulting from degenerative, rheumatoid, and post-traumatic arthritis. It is also intended for those suffering from moderate deformity of the knee or hip.

Please schedule a consultation with your doctor to see if ROSA Knee robotic-assisted surgery is right for you. Call us today to request an appointment for your consultation at (920) 560-1000.

Is ROSA covered by health insurance?

Please check with your health insurance provider to verify your specific coverage.

How long has the ROSA procedure been available?

The first ROSA Knee procedure was performed in 2019.

Does ROSA Knee actually perform the surgery?

It’s important to understand that ROSA Knee doesn’t actually perform surgery or operate on its own. Surgery is performed by your OSI orthopedic surgeon, who uses the ROSA Knee robot in order to personalize the surgical approach for your unique anatomy. OSI surgeons are in the operating room making all the decisions and prompting movements throughout the surgery.

How long do knee implants last?

Each person is unique in their anatomy and recovery time; not all patients will have the same postoperative recovery and activity level. The lifetime of a knee replacement is not infinite and varies with each individual person; factors such as post-surgery activities and weight can affect longevity. To enhance the recovery process, patients will be given access to OSI’s state-of-the-art Recovery Inn facility where immediate recuperation and physical therapy will take place with personal visits from your OSI knee surgeon who will make sure your recovery is progressing as it should.

What can I expect after surgery?

After surgery, your OSI surgeon, nurses and physical therapists will help you set goals to get you back on the move. They will closely monitor your condition and progress. Your OSI knee specialist may review a post-operative X-ray of your new knee with you. Following surgery, you will stay in our state-of-the-art Recovery Inn facility for a length of time based on the recovery plan your surgeon decides is best for you. This typically ranges from one to three days. Recovery time varies, but most people should be able to drive after two weeks, garden after three to four weeks, and golf after six to eight weeks. Your surgeon will tell you when and what activities you can return to and what activities to avoid.

Where is the surgery performed?

ROSA Knee surgery is performed at OSI’s main campus, 2105 E. Enterprise Ave., Appleton, WI 54913

Who is OSI?

Orthopedic & Sports Institute of the Fox Valley (OSI) is based in Appleton, Wisconsin. OSI brings together the highest quality non-surgical, surgical, and post-surgical orthopedic care in one place including an ambulatory surgery center, physician clinics, physical therapy, MRI, orthotics and pain management, as well as a boutique-hotel inspired inpatient recovery facility.

What is the Recovery Inn?

Recovery Inn is the first-of-its-kind orthopedic surgery recovery facility, dedicated to superior care for joint replacement recovery. It has the look and feel of a five-star hotel, all while providing personalized care to ensure complete healing for patients. Patients who receive ROSA joint replacement surgery will be given access to the Recovery Inn.  Click here to learn more about Recovery Inn.