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See how OSI keeps you in the know,
every step of the way.

What’s the most common speed bump in workers’ compensation? We’ve found that it’s often communication. Crossed wires or missed calls can slow down the process. A lot. That’s why we’ve created Connected®, a custom-designed online database, and tracking system, specifically built for workers’ compensation.

With Connected®, everyone involved in a case can access patient status, appointment information, dictation, and return-to-work information. And with a dedicated Workers’ Compensation Specialist here at OSI, you’ll never have to hunt for information again.


Connected® allows free, uninterrupted, password-protected access to:


  • Employee case status
  • Medical records
  • Appointment information
  • Return-to-work allowances
  • Scheduling


With Connected®, we’re keeping everyone on the same page, at all times. It cuts down on the time between steps, speeds along the healing process—and keeps everyone sane in the process. It’s workers’ compensation made simple. And there’s nothing else like it, anywhere.